Steps For Buying Gods Unchained

03 Jan

Gods Unchained is a digital card game which aims at reducing the life of the opponent to zero, and each match is one verse one battle. There is an advantage of playing the Gods Unchained game as it can enable one to earn some profits; in order to realize the profits, the individual should make efforts to participate in the world championship which is a tournament that is done annually. Another mechanism the individual playing the Gods Unchained game can able to realize profits is through the criteria of player market price; in order to be able to realize this he should make an effort and buy cards, and in case the card he owns is rare, he can sell it at the gods unchanged site or through marketplaces. For the reason being that the Gods Unchained game runs on a platform that is centralized, traditional and gives the speed that the players demand, Gods Unchained game is considered to be fast.

A unique feature for Gods Unchained game is the property whereby the players are given the freedom to decide on whether to sell, buy, trade and transfer cards for stated real values instead of the cards being owned by companies which made them. The first step for the Gods Unchained cards purchase is to visit the Gods Unchained website; there is important information at this site that gives instructions on the procedures of playing the game, a list which contains all the cards which are in the genesis season and a set aside page that has frequently asked questions  that can be important to the player.

The second step is to connect the metamask; this is browser extension that is helpful to the user in managing, trading and receiving digital assets on the ethereum blockchain; the metamask can be downloaded by the browsers such as Opera and Chrome. After the user has visited the site and connected to the metamask; he should proceed to the third step which is known as Get cards, a procedure that is done by simply clicking on the Get cards menu icon displayed to go to the Get cards page. For further knowledge about this game check this site here at

The fourth step for the purchase of a card for Gods Unchained game is to enter the card purchase; at this step, the user will select one of the available options of the epic, rare legendary or shiny legendary pack and also make a selection on the order of purchase. The next steps that should follow are getting  a notification of the confirmed card order, select an option of open cards and drag the pack  in order to open it; the cards will be ready to open, and once the user clicks to overturn each card,  they will be opened, see your card inventory and see how they are distributed

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